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Hello Kitty I’m Aaron trapped in your claws. Listen to my story. Your German kin showed no mercy in hell. I survived. Be kind, don’t eat me.

The novelist starts a journey. One by one he will write 7 billion stories starting with you. At judgment day reply carefully to God’s email.

Japanese teens have a new game. They are aligned in front of you for the parade. Noises in the underground: the train comes. You jump first.

Story end. You see? Time flows back when I push this time device. !Return! Device time this push I when back flows time. See You? End story.

The Porsche has just badly hit poor Tom, who is too old for comedy. The trader is a bit annoyed. What’s your name asks the policeman? Jerry.

His father told him in 2012 he’d be walking on Mars. Now he had to sell his collection of stamps from the spatial era on the streets of NYC.

The entity, formerly known as P.K. Dick, came in my apartment, spoke with the cat and ate French cheese. Oh Sleepless Nights! But it was me.

The monsoon came early this year, washing, flooding the streets. “Global warming” they said on TV but this land is not India. Not yet, Dude!

You are queuing at the security check. The officer inspects your hand luggage with care. “Where do you go, Sir?” You smile. The day is 9/11.

The fly was turning inside his head for a while, a big fat fly. He fired it with a single shot of ink that burned the paper. Words catch up!

10 days ago I started something new: try to write each morning a very, very short story that could fit within the constraint of Twitter, using the maximum available space of a tweet which is made of 140 characters exactly, including spaces. Every ten days I will group and post them in a pack, in reverse chronology. You can read them daily if you prefer in Twitter, just follow @cdatso


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