Tweets II

Escape from gravity! Brussels-South opens up a launch pad for low-cost space jumps to New Zealand, Patagonia. Price does not include O2 use.

 “Poems by the pound! I sell rhymes for a dime! Who wants a novel for a nickel? Best buy! Epics, sci-fi: worlds in a bottle, on a tweet”. No!

I hear the lute whispering softly notes over Marrakech’s warm nights. They travel with every soul into the desert. Flow my tears, I am free.

I starred at Queen’s parade, under Tower Bridge. You preferred to gawk at TV eating pizza. I’m asking for divorce. There won’t be a jubilee.

Despaired by the death of his love he summoned the ancient gods on the moor. She came back next day, prepared breakfast for him. With worms.

I’m good at writing shorts with powers of two words told the robot, as “ “, “Hello World”, “My name is Andy” and so on. Do you like my soul?

I paint using natural colors. Women scream when I am extracting their fluids with razors. Red is so beautiful! People do not understand art.

“Blonde” is a must read she told me, the novel of the century. How curious? I just bought it to write a story upon her. Oh Marilyn, forever!

Careful Son! This old computer is a bit weird. C’mon Dad I’m expert. Look, I press ctrl-alt-del. No Son! Who taught you? Lucif. Big-bang 2.0

The monk had copied the library in full while the world was going to ashes. Smiling to the screen, he detached his hand, send it for repair.


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