Tweets III

I lead those who tramp into the darkness. My legion grows at every corner of the city. Souls ask where God hides. You! Yes. Join us to know.

As a young couple we worked hard to find our way. But after fifty years of an intense relationship with my pillow Samantha reached peak sex.

Dad’s picture did not change over the years. I grew older than he did. Now, on his grave, I’m looking at him like a father for his lost son.

Mom was looking after her glasses. Cold tobacco smell floated in the air. The cats ignored me. Returning home, after 50 years wasn’t so bad.

The death of the author was the used book’s title I bought in a creepy store underground. Since I am still here I guess I escaped disappeara

What’s wrong with you kid? You’ve got the same blood and DNA as us, the true humans. But you don’t get it right: double lungs, hearts, head.

The chef prepares molecular burgers within the mini nuclear fusion reactor of this trendy restaurant in L.A. Cooking is a great art, really.

The angels quarreled over my son in the Elysium. Jealousy was in their hearts. Human, too human Jesus: You will suffer for us, on the cross.

I was on my AppleCar watching iTunes, AirPlay driving safely, calling kids iHome. All was good until the software crashed. iDeath is so fun.

Today is go-live of our new Command and Control System. You did a fantastic job, achieved the goal to become expendable. Thanks. Go to hell.


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