Tweets IV

Mirror, mirror upon the wall, who is the fairest of all? Thou White Dwarf are full to bursting with beer and whiskey and the ugliest of all.
Your eyes are not enough. Twice on her majesty’s secret service day the man who loved me never dies. No spy with the golden gun from Russia.
My cat marks his territory and chases white rabbits all day long. When I see him smoking the hookah, I know something must be wrong with me.

My cat has long memories. When my daughter came back after a year in the States, he sniffled, licked her, meowed a bit, and kneaded happily.
Marilyn felt broken inside by words never spoken. She invoked them on a letter for her analyst and took off for ever on the white empty sky.
My cat is a superhero trapped under a soft fur, with strong appetite and endless sleeps. To get out of such aloneness he needs the password.
My cat kills lots of mouse, a need to play, not to assassinate. My neighbor posts videos on YouTube of naked girls with whom he plays a lot.
My cat teaches postmodernist literature at the Sorbonne, enjoys complicated love affairs, and lunches at Lipp. Nightly, he turns street cat.
My cat turns his back and sleeps of mousetrap dream. I’m awake and silly in whatever human dreams of. Both of us share brain power. So what?
No recipe was coming out from words. How could he write an edible line without salt? Just to get rid of it he packed them into a junk story.
I lead those who tramp into the darkness. My legion grows at every corner of the city. Souls ask where God hides. You! Yes. Join us to know.


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