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My last day on Earth. You’ve done a great job! says Father. I’m not convinced. Humanity had enough time to learn. Let’s stop the experiment.

My last day in Hell. You will learn to be kind, generous tells my father. Listen to people, heal, preach for good. Pay attention here Jesus!

My last day in Paradise. You must grow up tells my father. Educate yourself! Go to work! Travel! You are such a useless moron. Get out Adam!

He drove the car in the wrong lane, took a ferryboat to the islands. No escape, you move on ! said the greek cop pointing a gun on his face.

The sleepless man has been monitored extensively in the lab for weird interactions between brain states. A backup restore could be the cure.

Nicely said Mister Nobody. but you will not trump anyone else with your tricks. With a perfect shot in the eye clown Everyman killed Nobody.

A group of German tourists armed with assault guns and flash explosives is enacting 1941 in a quiet Cretan village, killing all men over 14.

The cartel’s priest was chopping heads in honour of Holy Lady of Death. The bodies were dumped into the streets of Mexico city for tourists.

I was declared clinically dead, my brain waves flat, no heart beat,  nor breath thoughts emotions. Really? I testify a corpse can still cry.

What do you want? I was lost in translation between three languages, two countries, two jobs (official, secret), a daughter in the US and I.


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