Tweets VI

In relativistic quantum fields, a broken continuous symmetry leads to the emergence of the Cheshire cat’s smile. Thanks to Nature, I’m free.

Upgrading my MacBook Air to OS X Mountain Lion. Waiting for the download to complete. Software rimes my days and nights. Man in the machine.

Insects fly in militarized wings. We bioengineer competing species to repel them. The arms race puts a spell on us. Our choice ants or bees?

To get us tapping our mobiles every 10 seconds for a tweet is the closest we can get of a telepathic link. I go to sleep now. You shut down.

This is tweet automation based on algorithmic software. Cute and to the point, no fuss. What the hell does it tell? My author is point dead.

Cash flows evaporated under the sun of recession. The company is being sold on its naked balance sheet. Here come the vultures. Prey for me.

The new managerial mantra: masters and slaves bound with a service level agreement going down to fishes and whips. You slaves love the whip.

These procedures enlighten us with poetry. People’s time get sliced in quanta. Managers talk of performance indicators. There will be Light!

I found a new reason to operate in the company: implement an aggressive cost-cutting program. At the end, I will obliterate myself. Success!

The corporations had sent their delegates into the elegant mansion for a two-days special event. At the end I managed to survive. Here I am.


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