Tweets VII

The man awoke on Mars, freed from a car crash in France, felt nostalgia for those left behind. He thought: “There is a Future!”. Bye Roland.

The man awoke on an desert island with paper, pencils and a solid amnesia. He wrote down a dictionary to unlock his memory. A full universe.

The Dark Knight retires in Tuscany. Thanks to DC Comics’ Gods I can sleep like a baby. All is well that ends well. Psychoanalysis will wait.

This dizziness still haunts me, when I shut my eyes. I went to cure from vertigo. Should I let Madeleine be killed again ?

Locked in the panic room while enraged birds fly in flocks within my house. Why did I inserted that grumpy VHS tape? Why did I pressed Play?

Home Tweet Home! Home please, open the door! Signal is dead. The men in black follow my steps. They are getting closer. Guns! Help me Tweet!

One % of the static noise seen on old television screens is radiation left over from the Big Bang. Living dead Einmischung. Sense of wonder!

The capoeirista fought a death dance with the group of knives armed robbers who had caught us in a backstreet of Rio. Next time Beach Party!

She came later and took a picture of every footstep I had left on the crystallized white sand dunes. Thanks to her I survive in your memory.

Mankind in its tremendous diversity of colors, smiles, energy, joys. We want to believe it touches all hearts. Welcome London Olympics 2012.


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