Two voices

Electric Tango

I’m one of those men in dark suits
Who roam the jungle of steel and concrete
Of High Finance.

There will be no mercy for love
No tenderness tonight for stars.

Sharp blades flashing in expert hands
Cutting throats, spilling blood on streets.

This is my duty I’ve been told.
My mission.

Assassin, my friend, my best friend
Relieve me from my unspeakable fate.

Send me where grass is always white
Into the arms of angels.
Show mercy for my soul.

Am I living
Am I dead
I speak to all creatures
I sing your body.

So long memories in my mind that I remember
The ever-expanding universe.

I saw her
I was searching for my sister
To kill her.

She found me first

She called at the end of a long alley
Between blocks of concrete and steel.

Longing for the well of my desires
To reach the deep clean source
Of water to clear my thirst
I went to her.

And she sang.

Anima anime
Anime anima

In red and black
In black and red

Tango of love
Tango of despair
Tango of impossible desires.

I dance with you
Do you really want.

Come closer
Cold is your kiss
Your smile
Cold is the blade
Your knife
The pale shade of your smile is a balm
In my heart
It hurts
It makes me good
My red robe
Is splashed with natural colours
Supreme joy
Flying above the ground where children play
I see everything I am
Oh yes I am.

I dance with you
I really do want.

Anima anime
Anime anima
What are you doing to me
Feel your finger
Sharp in my brain
Touches a flower
A hummingbird
A butterfly
A butterfy.
Tango of milk
Tango of honey
Tango of peace.

I dance with you
This is what I wanted always
Always wanted.

Can you see the last notes of music
Can you hear the light from my bleeding heart
A knife is lovers last link
These were your words
And my song for you.

I dance with you
Expiring my last breath
My gift for eternal life.

We’ll dance again
And again.
And now it’s over.

Men in dark suits leave the city.
I’m one of them.

Am I alive
Am I dead.
Where is the city.
Where is the memory of our dance
Your red dress
Your dark hairs
Your long eyelashes
I dreamed a dream of you.

La notte eterna.                                     
La notte eterna.

While listening to Portishead - Roseland NYC Live.

NB - small experiment in play, sort of.


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