The Saga of Melanie Daniels (a fantasy) - part III

Low skies, high waters, horizontal grey and cloudy bands of all shades reflecting on the surface of the bay, so low you could take a ride in a boat on the air surfing between streams of thunder; this is how Bodega Bay looked on that heavy afternoon after Melanie had talked, and talked, and talked with her soft and rhythmically oracular voice.

Silence fell with the remnants of the day.

I could not make any sense of her talk. She is definitely nuts, this is what I strongly believed; on the other hand I was well paid to do a job, she was my client, and the client is always right. So long for my feelings, gave them a pinch, prepared for action.

“Ok Melanie, we need an action plan to fix your problem.

- There is nothing we can do. It is inevitable. It will happen whatever we try to circumvent, avoid, hide or forget. It has already happened. Will always happen.

- I don’t get it still, why did you call me?

- You’ll be my witness. My savior maybe; although I can see it coming like a sailor sensing the storm, reading the big waves miles and miles upfront from the gentle ripples at the surface of waters or the smiles of wind on my skin, I am blind to my own future. What does hold the key to my future? Do you know it C.?

- Your actions, I guess.

- Your actions, she replied. And then I got it like a big slap in the face, I had been called upon to save her from destruction, whatever would happen in the crazy visions of ‘the end of the world is nigh’ she believed in, whatever would occur in her clear vision of things to come, perfect female watcher of the skies, perfect gatekeeper of the frontier, in the muddy path from today to tomorrow, she would rely on me, she would sense I could make a difference, and still I could not understand the meaning of this call. How did it connect with her past and my past? Why me?

- Could be anyone trying to help you, Melanie. If people see you’re in trouble, they will act to protect you. Suppose I’m leaving now, you can just leave this place and follow me. I would have done nothing; on the other hand, I can stay and watch the chaos with you.

- It’s too late. The melancholy sky is over there. Look! Look C., this is what I was expecting. Oh God!

From a dark cloud covering the bay, came hundreds, no, thousands of large black drops of a rain falling first in silence, then screaming, screaming and flying over the high waters, flying horizontally and growing fiercely, and moving fast in our direction.

- Inside! We shouted both at the same time.

Birds dropping like stones.


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