London Reverse Diaries V - Days 5,4,3,2

Day 5 – Thursday - 18th July
I passed the first exam on APMG Change Management Foundations with 49/60 (82%).  Good news. Keeping up with energy and motivation.
Tomorrow is the tough one (the Practitioner) and the results will be known 4 weeks afterwards but I guess I will have a feeling of how it will go anyway.
And then the real challenge will begin (applying that knowledge on real life business cases)

At the pub with a pint of fresh Becks beer, I read an article in The Financial Times whose main page title says: “Wall street tests defences against bird flu and hacking.”
(Quantum Dawn 2 exercises). Makes me think to discuss it tomorrow with the IT security guys at the learning centre.

I tweet this -
So, is it my turn now? The man looked nervous. Attached to him was a sign: I am a Burger. Behind him a crowd of hungry people gently queued.

Quoted in Peter Senge's book on learning organizations "The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook" 1994:
Ubuntu ethos (Zulu folk saying): 

"Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu"

(A person is a person because of other people)

Day 4 – Wednesday - 17th July
I'm considering to extend my stay in London for a couple of days to benefit from the city after the trainings are over and to return back to Brussels on Monday.

Day 3 – Tuesday - 16th July
After the class, I walk until the British Library, which is open until 8PM. I take this opportunity to discover quickly the impressive site, and visit the interesting exhibition on “Propaganda: power and influence”. It connects with one of the topics seen in Change Management: Leadership, Stakeholder engagement, and the virtues of learning to survive in a politically driven organization.
Mused around books, found some good poetry (Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin, Anne Carson...), it's a good feeling being here ... However there is some homework to be performed tonight for the class in Change Management ... Slowly I'll go back to the hotel, my own private study and feelings of nostalgia I need to suppress.

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.”

I'm being distracted from my business reading at the hotel's restaurant by a P&G big party ... Hopefully there is a bunch of beautiful ladies there ... How could I get closer from an elegant brunette who send a smiling signal, I wonder? But those are daydreaming fantasies. Besides a communication challenge for myself being an introvert intuition thinking judgment type (you've got it, it's my Myers-Briggs profile), there is a strong sense of duty; I must cope with my three hours work assignment of tonight and keep good shape for tomorrow.

Day 2 – Monday - 15th July
Change Management training. Daily routine from the Hotel (Hilton Euston, breakfast ritual), to the learning centre (around 15 people and the instructor), then back at the hotel, diner at the hotel, a bit reading, a bit writing, sleeping.

The world 
(or London by any other name) 
as we know it, 

is filled with heavenly surprises
 popping up around the corner,
like Mary Poppins

mixed with cheese 
and curry,

singing a rock song 
as lightly 
as a feather,

trembling above me,

above my head

my soul

my emotional weather.


I've been remembering

those old days of glory

when mighty ships came

upon river Thames

filling shops 
with all goods from the Earthlink. 
I remember.


London, city of mine art

and heart,

where I had my first awakening

a long time ago.

Love and despair. 
I was 
in my early twenties

and loved so immensely that

Old Father Thames

had a stroke in its body,

flood flooded it all

and my memories were gone.

It was my story

believe it or not,

a wizard of mine

switched all lights off

and then, since then

roaming the streets

of London I am,

looking for a lost love.

The FInancial Times 18th July

Credits: Financial Times, 6th Aug. 2013
(The Global Economy is now distinctly Victorian)


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