Spoken Word (maybe)

I started a new day
Good morning, wake-up, get up, stand up to your feet
Your drowsy feed of humanity
My pearl of insanity
Long gone
Coffee mate or tea what I need is thee
To drink you until my thirst is quenched
My hunger dissolves
Thee bumble-bee butterfly kingfisher
Princess of Lorelei lady of Shalott
In Camelot we’re happy
Thanks a lot

I started a new day
Ill-to-death nose sneering legs trembling
Fever caught cholera or smallpox or Manitou fever
Just because I have to feed from your inhumanity
My one-dollar coin of sanity
Flipped around
Head I win
Tail You lose
Head I lose
Tail You win
Binary digits flipping around
Zeroes and Ones ad infinitum ad nauseam
Ad love
@Love you call @Love you win always
Thanks a lot
Of Camelot I’m so happy

I started a new day
King of the day
Should I say something
Should I worry of the ups & downs
Of my kingdom
It will be long gone
My kingdom is made of clays parchments codexes electronics
In full circle from clay tablet to electronic tablet
In a book we live this is an easy metaphor
Are you so stupid you cannot remember
The days you were king of Gondor
Thanks to the industry
Of publishing and poetry
To the flying rockets of spoken words
In Camelot I’m so happy.

is it poetry? is it spoken? is it written? just because I've got a strong fever and cold back from Paris is no excuse to "do" anything... and still... this is it.
this very bad piece of "I don't know what the hell it is" is for my friends in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon and Calgary. Have we got Poets?
C. @Brussels Nov. 23rd


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