Micro-blog London (I)

2nd February 2014

Micro-sommeil de quelques secondes pendant lequel je me suis senti filer dans un au-delà, sur les bords d’un fleuve bleu cobalt surplombé de falaises de grès, où des processions attendent le passage des bateaux, et je me tenais sur une de ces rives étranges, et j’essayais de reconnaître qui était en face.

L’ombre du paysage passait rapidement sur mes paupières pendant que revenu, le soleil s’amusait en haut de nos peurs enminusculées entre les fougères et les branches de sassafras. Nous venions de sortir de l’eurotunnel.

England, my England. Ces textes de D.H. Lawrence sentent toujours bon la campagne anglaise, trente-trois ans plus tard. Etais-ce moi ?

(Dans l’Eurostar)

Want to see Old Father Thames. Let me dream of this. A long time ago I lived here. What’s one second’s worth evoking memories before my birth, except for wandering souls who remember their past lives jumping across generations like fisher kings, if not to be fully grasped from within, fully sensed, feeling the rain, touching the wet ground, fuming under sun’s charming rays? If not, let me dream of this and dream again. When you feel stretched, dancing ribbon over the landscape, you’ve to admit there was something odd with you, something like a place you don’t fit, or just too well.

(Arriving in London, seen the “Shard’s needle” in the distance).

La campagne anglaise depuis l'Eurostar

A line of students in front of King George III’s magnificent Library, working on their laptops, while the exhibition “Georgians Revealed” uncovers the life, style and the making of modern Britain is running on the floor level of the British Library. Where they tasteful and polite, or riotous and pleasure-obsessed? And what would Georgians think of the lives of their future progeny in an exhibition, just reversing the possibility, the other way around? Are we madly addicted to drugs, junk food and technological devices, or bright, cool and innovative?

On a pub in Euston Road, I eat fish and chips and listen to the conversation of two young men discussing politics. The younger was proud to vote for the Labour, until the War he declared, that caused his mind to change (the Iraqi War I guessed, but that was ten years ago, he was not in age of voting at that time, or was he is speaking about something else? I wonder). Apparently the other guy was supporting the Liberal-Democrats.

In the press I read that David Cameron is not doing well on Europe (issues on treaty change and referendum bill), Scottish nationalists look to the Nordic model but would not be able to make it on their own with the single euro currency and should still seek for a close currency union with the British Pound.

Et pendant ce temps-là le monde tourne. Tout va bien. J’écoute Enjoy the Silence.

(At the Hilton Euston Hotel)

Les livres de "Mad King Georges" survivront-ils plus longtemps que tous ces jeunes gens?


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