Extrait du Journal de Sir Francis Blakey pour l'année 2007

25.08.2007 at home

30.09.2007 reading John Crowley

07.10.2007 preparing to fly from Athens

looking around the keys of my Samsonite...

11.10.2007 reading 'The Peloponnesian War: Athens and Sparta in savage conflict 431-404 BC' by Donald Kagan

15.10.2007 The Nobel Prize in Economics 2007 - rationale of the 'mechanism design theory'. A lot of applications in the areas of asymmetric information, public goods, moral hazard ...

17.10.2007 getting the flu, as well as half of Western Europe

18.10.2007 definitely sleeping

20.10.2007 finished reading about Alexander von Humboldt 'savant-citoyen du monde'

30.10.2007 listening Sarah Chang

01.11.2007 listening Janine Jensen

11.11.2007 reading Christine de Pisan

13.11.2007 in London

18.11.2007 at home

02.12.2007 planning

04.12.2007 preparing something

(extrait du Journal de Sir Francis Blakey, alias "C Ostad", alias "Kris Stotoda", alias "Frère Bismuth"..., agent du MI6)

Sentinel at Khyber Pass, credits C. Ostad, date unknown


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