Remembering the Dust Bowl

From Yahoo to Wanadoo
Is not easy way
Sometimes it takes a long journey
A storm in Kansas city one day
Takes over little Dorothy and leaves over Toto
Black dog left alone in a dry and grey season
Bags of dust bowls eating up all reasons to hope
All caught in a whirlwind over the prairie
And no man can say:
“I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore”
But this gust of wind knows its tortuous paths
Despite dungeons where it is trapped
And malevolent daemons warning signs of wrath
Little Dorothy flies like a chameleon
She will soon be seeing herself in the nickelodeon
“Oh oh!” she says poor Toto is now staring at me
From the other side of the window
Except there is no window
Just the scorched earth of the prairie
From Yahoo to Wanadoo…

photo: Buried machinery in a barn lot; Dallas, South Dakota, May 1936, from Dust Bowl Wikipedia article.


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