Affichage des articles du août, 2014

Les Métamorphoses de C. on Tumblr

Between December 2012 and June 2014, I conducted an experiment in micro-blogging with Tumblr. As I am no more feeding it, I decided to collect all those posts and put them together in a single stream into this blog, as a way to look back in the rear window and tell kind of a story.


24th Nov. 2012

On the moon a man is walking looking strangely at things. Who am I, where is my place, am I lost he thinks, amidst dust, sand and rocks illuminated by the dawn of earth.

Alice is not the only one who wanders through the looking glass. Orpheus, a long-time well known fellow of mine, specializes in one-day trips to the land of death.

She stares at me every night. She stands, waits, expects me to wake up, look straight to her. She is my personal death said the poet; because you know, death belongs only to you; she is the great love affair of your life.

Again and again, those same obsessives dream: she is waiting for me, she is expecting me, she will welcome me into her la…